MEGA is a mode in the BIT.TRIP series, first introduced in BIT.TRIP BEAT, along with NETHER and HYPER. In every level, MEGA is the first mode you can mode up into. In MEGA, every successful action leads to a synthesized beep.

HUD Effects Edit

In BEAT, CORE, RUNNER, and FATE, MEGA will cause different parts of the HUD to statically change colors to the beat of the music. Here are a few noticeable differences in some games.


In VOID, while in MEGA, the word MEGA will pulsate in the background.


In FLUX, the colors are paler than usual. Instead of a multitude of colors, the colors cycle through a pale colored version of the BIT.TRIP rainbow in order; yellow, orange, teal, pink, and purple.

Runner 2 Edit

Runner 2 has no changes to the HUD, but the text when you mode-up to MEGA is in the colors of the BIT.TRIP rainbow.