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Mingrawn Timbletot as he appears in Runner2.

Mingrawn Timbletot, better known as just the Timbletot, is a recurring villain and is the main antagonist of the BIT.TRIP series. Mingrawn Timbletot appears as a machine with four constantly-rotating gears that seem to serve no purpose connected via two axles and a rubber belt, a small engine on his back, and two large circular red eyes/headlamps. In Runner2, the Timbletot cuts down many trees in the Supernature and sets up factories in the Mounting Sadds. It seems that since the Timbletot can create robotic life, he is obsessed with mechanical things. Most of the obstacles players avoid in Runner2 are mechanical as well.


Timbletot appears as the boss of Impetus and Triumph. In Impetus, he pilots a flying machine with breakable crystals. Kicking these when he gets low enough will defeat him. In Triumph, CommanderVideo uses his friend's trampolines to help him during his chase of the Timbletot. At the end, he wishes death on CommanderVideo, saying "YOU! ARE! NOT! A! MAN!" as he flies away. His origin for hating CommanderVideo is unknown, though it could involve his flying machine being broken and/or CommanderVideo being an organic being.


Timbletot returns as the final boss in BIT.TRIP FATE. At the end of the game, CommanderVideo must run into him to destroy the Timbletot once and for all, claiming his own life in the process.

BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienEdit

Timbletot returns with an updated look in Runner2. He appears as the boss of every world, using a different machine/vehicle to attack CommanderVideo and his allies. His first battle takes place in the sky, where CommanderVideo must dodge his plane's bullets and damage him with Springs. His second battle takes place in the docks, where he shoots bullets at the player and drops exploding barrels into the ocean, occasionally attempting to ram into you. His third battle takes place in the forest. The Timbletot will cut through the floor (tree log) and attack with bullets, and the player must also dodge the wooden stumps. His 4th battle takes place in a machine that uses lava. His machine will shoot out enemies and occasionally a yellow Beat. Reflecting the Beat will strike it back at Timbletot. His 5th and final battle within the BIT.TRIP dimension has the Timbletot in a large mech where he spawns obstacles, enemies and multiple projectiles at the player using a ray cannon as they run towards the left this time. He takes damage at certain points, where a gate with a small opening appears. Players can slide-jump through the gate, causing the Timbletot to crash into them. Once he crashes into four gates, the game is won.