BIT.TRIP SAGA is a compilation of all 6 classic games developed by Gaijin Games for the 3DS. It was sold on September 13, 2011.

Games Included Edit

  • BIT.TRIP Beat
  • BIT.TRIP Core
  • BIT.TRIP Void
  • BIT.TRIP Runner
  • BIT.TRIP Fate
  • Bit.TRIP Flux

Features Edit

Unlike the Wii Version of BIT.TRIP SAGA, the 3DS version doesn't have the features that the Wii does. The features that the 3DS has are only a new 3D in-depth experience. With a new level of control schemes. Along with portability.


While playing these games, the top screen will show the active game you are playing. Whilst on the bottom screen, whichever mode you are on, it will appear on the bottom with different color, and animations. For specific games like BEAT, FATE, and FLUX, you can use the stylus pen to move the paddle up or down. In FATE, you choose the direction for the current firing line.