2198132 bit trip saga thumb


  • Extra! Extra! Bold changing to Yarn! It copies 4 Yarns Colors!
  • Ultra!!! This will move Right and Left and Right and Left! Great Color!
  • Super!! Good Color, It copies, 1 Bigger and 1 Text! Rainbow Color!
  • Mega! Disco Color, It Size Changed!
  • Hyper, No color changed, Size smaller
  • Bzzzt Bzzzt! Nether, It No Soundtrack, Only Beeper, Not Avablie in Runner!
BIT.TRIP SAGA is a compilation of all 6 classic games developed by Gaijin Games for the 3DS.


META (originally from Flux)

GIGA (originally from Fate)

EXTRA (originally from Runner)

ULTRA (originally from Void)

SUPER (originally from Core)

MEGA (originally from Beat)

HYPER (originally from Beat)

NETHER (originally from Beat)



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